What's being said about Brooks Financial...

"Brooks Financial professionals has impressed me time and time again. I wholeheartedly support the work they are doing, and can see very clearly that the professionals at Brooks Financial are exceptionally qualified to assist someone in designing and implementing a plan to succeed financially. Brooks Financial continuously learning to stay current on market trends and new investments for their clients. Tesia Brooks CFP CDFA is also uniquely qualified in that she has completed the Certified General Accounting degree, which allows her make sense of your financial picture and put forward the plan to not only take care of future needs, but immediate ones as well. For anyone looking to create a sound, strong financial picture they can be confident in for them and their family, I highly recommend Brooks Financial to be the architect to design it."

Dr. Ryan Greschuk, DC

( Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada )

I have attended many of the free workshops Brooks Financial has hosted. The events were always enjoyable and informative. I now have some clarity about what investments I can populate my savings plans with. I really appreciate the powerful investment options that were also presented to contrast with the ones that I have invested in, in the past. This was also a good brief networking lunch that allowed me to reconnect with other investors, and visionaries. Time well invested! Thank you Brooks Financial!

D. Woloshyn

( Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada )

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