Managing Your Wealth

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Many think that managing wealth is about your investments. Wealth can have many meanings, from the value of everything you own to your level of happiness.

As Certified Financial Planners, Brooks Financial looks at your whole wealth picture from the perspective of your Net Worth Statement. Your Net Worth Statement includes all of your financial assets, real estate, vehicles etc. It also includes all of your debts. Our goal is to help you grow your Net Worth over time.

Committed to your long-term needs, we provide the resources needed to develop a full plan enabling you to meet your personal and financial goals.


Your Savings

Through boom and bust private and corporate defined benefit pension plans provided a secure retirement. Combined with two legs of personal savings and Government programs (CPP & OAS), these pension plans were the third leg of the “three-legged stool” retirement model.

Today’s “stool” is wobbling with corporations shutting down defined-benefit plans and choosing to offer employees only defined-contribution retirement plans, or nothing at all.

Savings are more critical than ever, as individuals take personal responsibility to plan and save for retirement. Many of us struggle to manage retirement security as successfully as the professional investment experts managing defined benefit plans have in the past.

Brooks Financial brings back professional resources and tools to your savings. We can help you put your portfolio in line with the advice that professionals provide to multimillion dollar clients.

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