Phil’s Learning Curve – Retirement Reality Check!


– Phil has a company defined benefit retirement plan, but he wasn’t really sure what that meant, though he heard through the company grapevine it would provide him with retirement two thirds his average income earned as an employee.

– Phil assumed his company pension and Canada Pension Benefits along with some modest savings in RRSP’s would provide him with a lifestyle much like he’s had for the last thirty five years of his professional life.

– Until recently he did not know if the company pension plan was fully funded (or what that meant), nor did he know what his CPP benefits were or how that plan works.

– Until recently he did not have a personal budget or a definite savings plan for retirement.

– Phil’s attitude of all will be well, “I’m being taken care of by my employer and the government” is pretty typical.

– Phil’s figured out one thing for sure, he needs help navigating. Help in the form of an independent planning/investment/retirement-income professional.

– I’m a 59 year old professional who represents a pretty average Canadian worker thinking about retirement. I’ll be the first to say that “I don’t know much, but I am willing to learn”. Follow my posts here as I start the process of becoming “financially literate!

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