The Benefits of the CRA My Account and Online Mail

There are 4 days left to file your Personal Income Tax. If you haven’t done so already, remember you have until Monday, May 1st to complete your return.

Are you missing a certain benefit notice or can’t remember your RRSP Limit? Lost a Notice of Assessment from a previous year? Sign-up for My Account for Individuals on the Canada Revenue Agency’s website to find all of this info in one place.


Go Paperless. Your Tax Professional can sign you up to receive Online Mail when filing your tax return. It’s as easy as authorizing them to give your email address to the CRA. You will be notified via email when your tax or benefit information is ready to view. Then simply login into My Account to view the information.

Convenient. You can read your online mail, update your contact info, submit documentation, add or update your direct deposit info to get your payments faster and much more.

Secure. Emails from the CRA will never ask for your personal or financial details. You must login to your secure My Account to access your tax information.

Top Tip!

Do you bank online? You can sign into My Account using the same login as your other online service with one of the CRA’s Sign-In Partners. All of the major banks offer this service. That’s one less password to remember. Important! Your login information will never be shared with the CRA and your Sign-In partner won’t know which government service you are accessing.

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