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What To Do With The Wedding Ring After Your Divorce

When a relationship ends, the items that held special meaning before can become bearers of painful reminders. Engagement and wedding rings, wedding dresses and marriage certificates are items that many people wonder about after the end of their relationship. What can you do with them?

Engagement rings and wedding rings often come with a big price tag and if the items lose their emotional value, there is the option to sell them. Jewellers sometimes will buy their pieces back but at a significant discount. On average, they will buy them back at only 35% of original value.

Many people in similar situations have opted to sell their rings online through websites such as “I Do… Now I Don’t”. The founder, Joshua Opperman, was left with a ring after his engagement ended prematurely which prompted him to found the jewellery auction site to help others in similar situations part with their rings. He has since been featured on Rachael Ray, CNN, and Whoopi Goldberg.

One important factor when selling your high valued item online is to minimize risk of scam. On “I Do…Now I Don’t”, sellers can list their rings for free. Once the item is purchased, the money is held in escrow by the website. The seller will send the ring in for authentication by GIA-trained gemologist. Once the ring has been authenticated, the ring will be sent to the buyer via UPS with insurance included and a bank cheque will be mailed out to the seller.

Sellers will typically receive 40 – 60% of the retail price for their item, minus a 15% commission fee. If you are making payments on the ring, this return can help you substantially in reducing your debt.

Parting with your engagement or wedding ring might give you the emotional detachment you need to help you move forward past the relationship and onto something better! Visit for more information.

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Can You Relate To This Divorce Debt Story? – Creditaid

Can you relate to this divorce debt story?

John’s motto was always “work hard and play hard”. John had worked hard his entire career which often was his justification for the money he spent drinking, dining out, clothes and on his home. He was living the high life and he felt it was all justified.

If he had taken the time to figure out how much he was spending in relation to his income, he would’ve realized he was spending more than he was making. His bank account was often overdrawn and he was using one credit card to pay off the other.

His heavy drinking was only contributing more to his debt problems. Finally, it became so excessive that it drove his wife away. The divorce was the final straw. The drawn out divorce process and court proceedings resulted in his assets being frozen. He could not borrow money or sell any of his assets to make his payments. He was in a standstill.

Some debt problems are years in the making. When the pieces finally fall, things can quickly spiral out of control. If your debt story is like John’s, stop the speed debting and seek professional help from the counselors at Creditaid.

Source: Credit counseling & debt consolidation advice, news and information by Creditaid

Marriage Break Up What Do I Do Next?

A marriage break up is a very emotional time. What do I do? How do I piece my life back together? How do I take care of myself financially? With all the questions going through your head you shouldn’t do this on your own. Get a team of support, friends, family, financial support, lawyer and if necessary a mortgage broker.

With the right advice you can ensure a smooth process for creating a separation agreement which is the cornerstone for taking the next step.

If you are looking to assemble this team together, please contact Daryl Harris, Accredited Mortgage Professional with One Link Mortgage & Financial.

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Show me the Money

  -I recently came across an episode of CBC’s “Market Place” in which the producers used hidden cameras during visits to so-called “Financial Advisors”, most of these visits were at large reputable banks and financial houses.  (Here’s the link -The documentary illustrates that sometimes so-called “financial advisors” are little …

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