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About Empowered Divorce Solutions

Founded in 2010 by Tesia Brooks, Empowered Divorce Solutions assists clients with financial planning during a divorce. We work with pension actuaries, business valuation experts, mediators, lawyers, mortgage brokers and realtors to help ease the divorce process for our clients. We operate from Winnipeg and provide services all across Canada.

We are in a state of growth and looking forward to soon offering mediation along with divorce financial planning services. Many of our clients are undergoing divorce at the time of retirement which is the fastest growing segment of divorce. We also assist clients who are remarrying or entering common law relationships. Additionally, we aim to offer marriage contract services in the near future.

Empowered Divorce Solutions Difference

Tesia Brooks is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Certified Financial Planner, Master Financial Advisor, and Certified General Accountant. She uses her forty years of financial experience and four designations to benefit the clients. She approaches each client as if she was in their shoes and completely empathizes with them.

Tesia thinks that each client who gains financial clarity through her work is an achievement. She helps people get to the other side of a nerve-wracking event and seeks to be a part of the change in the way the divorce proceedings are handled. Tesia strives to help clients feel empowered rather than feeling lost while going through the hardship of a divorce.

Clients choose to do business with Tesia because she is an extremely detailed and focused financial planner with a comprehensive knowledge base. She makes the best use of her knowledge of accounting, tax, financial planning and retirement income planning together to provide a holistic service to clients who are facing one of the most stressful events of their life.

At Empowered Divorce Solutions, we specialize in “grey divorce”, a term coined for those who choose to divorce during their retirement years. Retirement can be a particularly vulnerable time for divorces as most retirement plans are built on both parties’ financial contributions. Unfortunately, divorce during this life stage requires the division of complex financial structures like RRSPs, TFSAs, homes, cottages, children attending college/university, and non-registered investment portfolios along with managing child and spousal support issues. Tesia and our team work hard to create a new financial plan and reshape our client’s goals for the future.

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